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 need some thinks before Starting a youtube channel

  1. At first, choose the best name for your youtube channel
  2. Gmail account
  3.  Create the best Logo for  your YouTube channel 
  4. Also, need an awesome YouTube Banner 

    How To create a Gmail Account /Goole account

how to make a gmail account
gmail account form

At first, open Google on your Mobile or Computer and search Gmail, after result click on the first link 
and after open click create an account then fill the form then click create, also U can search on youtube How to create/make a Gmail account

 How to choose a name for your YouTube channel

 At first, choose a perfect niche for your youtube channel, then choose a name for your YouTube channel by matching your niche, Then search your chosen name  on YouTube, if there are some channels are available then you need to change your channel name if there is not then search a domain if your domain  name is available to choose this name for your youtube channel. I hope you can understand "how to choose a name for your youtube channel"

How to make a logo or channel art for your channel

After selecting your Channel name you need to make an attractive logo and Banner for your channel, Best recommended a size for your logo is 800 x 800 pixels and channel art size is 2560 x 1440 pixels 
If you can't make a logo or channel art by using photoshop then I have the best idea for you 
you can use some free or paid websites/tools to make your logo or channel art or also you can use picsart and some other apps

How to make a YouTube channel

 At first, open your browser on your computer or laptop (if  you use a mobile device use chrome browser with desktop mode and also use a mouse for better customize) then open google and search YouTube, after open youtube click on user button and log in with your Gmail account then click on my channel and create your channel after creating your channel upload channel logo or banner, then activate your channel and enable custom thumbnail and live mode then upload your first video, you can make a channel by following this video 

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